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Xerothermic grasslands in Owczary - protected area of Klub Przyrodników (Naturalists’ Club). You are entering an area with high natural value and being under active nature conservation. Most of it is a private property of Klub Przyrodników. We do not restrict access to the grasslands, in fact, we encourage you to visit them, but we ask you to observe the following rules:

• Do not drive a car, motorcycle, quad bike or other motorized vehicles onto our grasslands – by behaving in this manner you are destroying them.

• Do not destroy the infrastructure - shed, tables, benches and boards located in the grasslands are private property and are meant to serve you, as well as other visitors.

• We graze animals on the grasslands to protect these ecosystems - do not enter the fenced and grazed area, do not destroy the fences, and do not frighten our animals.

• No campfires are allowed in the grasslands – lighting fires is absolutely prohibited.

• Don't pick plants you don't know - there are dozens of very rare and protected species growing in the grasslands, picking and destroying of which is prohibited by law.

• Do not leave trash behind.

• Try to move on the designated paths, some slopes are very steep and can be dangerous. Be careful.

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