The most interesting species of xerothermic grasslands in Owczary include broomrapes Orobanche.  These are parasitic herbaceous plants that function without photosynthesis and derive nutrients from other plants. There are several species of the genus Orobanche in Owczary, all of which are quite similar to each other, but parasitize other groups of plants:  

The Bedstraw broomrape Orobanche caryophyllacea parasitizes species of the Rubiaceae family, mainly bedstraw Gallium sp. and woodruff Asperula sp..

Thyme broomrape Orobanche alba parasitizes species of the sage family, mainly thyme Thymus sp., sometimes sage Salvia sp..

Medick broomrape Orobanche lutea parasitizes species of the legume family, mainly alfalfa Medicago sp..

Knapweed broomrape Orobanche elatior parasitizes species of the sunflower family, mainly knapweeds Centaurea sp..

All listed broomrape species are protected.

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