Observation point

The hill is overgrown with feather grass, with especially numerous Stipa capillata and St Bernard’s lily Anthericum liliago.

The hill offers a picturesque view of the Odra valley

Currently, the river flows in a relatively narrow stream, mainly through the middle of the valley, but a few hundred years ago, the water reached the foot of the hills, undercutting the slopes. At that time, the valley was overgrown with riparian forests, crossed by swamps and overgrowing oxbow lakes. Approx. 200 years ago the valley changed under the influence of land reclamation and farming. Riparian forests were changed into wet meadows and pastures where cows, horses and sheep grazed. Another change of landscape took place nowadays.  Wet meadows and pastures were replaced by vast, intensively cultivated fields crossed by deep drainage ditches, dominated by corn and rapeseed crops. The remnants of former ecosystems have been preserved in the riverbank (riparian forest) and in prunetalia scrubs (czyżnie) and baulks.

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