Feather grass meadow

Feather grass grassland Potentilio-Stipetum is a type of xerothermic grassland occupying extreme habitats - very poor, dry and sunny, occupying south and south-western, steepest slopes. The appearance of the grassland is given by feather grasses growing in clumbs – Stipa joannis and Stipa capillata. There are also numerous beautifully flowering perennials, annual flowers, and herbs, such as: St Bernard lilymeadow sage, Siberian bellflower, stepe ScorzoneraThesium linophyllongreater knapweedspotted knapweed, and spiny restharrow. Numerous mosses form the lower layer of the sward. The characteristic smell of the turf is given by small perennials – broad-leaved thyme and Breckland thyme. Numerous small holes in the soil can be observed - the nests of bumblebees. There are also favourable conditions for a very rare species of spider – Atypus muralis, which builds its characteristic clutches partly in the ground and partly on the surface.

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